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4 Ancient Techniques That Can Empower Women Everywhere.


There’s so much in a Name, and so much more in You.- Common

Twenty years ago my weeekends were designed as unforgiveable hours of barbie doll social structures , which in my small figure felt like weeks had passed in my plastic Queendom.

Dolls of all shades with personalities of all kinds played out vocal and subvocalized parts in my imaginary world.

In each "episode" of playtime there was always the Barbie who had the most confidence, high energy, great talent, intellectual, and fearless ability to express herself. [ I always named that one after me. :) ]

That was my version of a Queen, and at that stage of innocence I naturally could identify greatness to my likeness.

Fast forward a little deeper into the inforamtion age, that natural connection seems to short circuit at times.

The food I eat can be a little less natural, conversations can ride soely off impulse, and staying in the present moment seems like a fleeting holiday.

Often I hear one of my teacher's say, " It is your Divine right to be happy and feel love."

A Queen is tapped in, turned on, and plugged into her divine essence. So how might a wandering empress, lost to the awareness of her divinity find her way back home?

The answer is quite simple actually.

"Be still, and know that I Am."

Does this verse sound familiar?

So often spoken, that this common phrase has become a common cliche to Westernized commercial spirituality.

And yet…

In plain site it is no less than true.

In the silence you can enter the internal world with vivid perception - and it is there where you can empower yourself.

This truth is old news though.

Our aboriginal ancesors, brothers, and sisters have embraced these concepts since the dawn.

Being intuned wasn't sought after, it was natural!

So natural the entire community engaged methods of higher consciousness together in dance and song.

A few ways they Did it...

1. Circle Walking

Observing Nature and the Universe around and within us, our ancestors noticed that everything was spinning: left , right, up , down, forward , and backward.

So they would Dance and Chant in circles to raise their energy and spiral their breath through rituals of energetic movement. This technique transforms the being from the inside out.

The growth of your hair, the prints in your fingers, the pattern of the flowers, the earth we live on , and infinitely so much more - are all spinning.

Naturally, it is necessary to be apart of this flow of life to empower ourselves.

2. Standing

Yes Queens, standing! Commonly known in Taoism as Motion in Stillness. While your body is motionless , the blood is still flowing, your breathing continues to rise and fall, and all subconscious phenomena are effortlessly taking place.

This technique is the foundation of all movement.

As a student of the Taoist System of Living Arts, a system of ancient Taoist techniques passed down to the women of Sifu's family for generation after generation for thousands of years, we practice Standing bringing our awareness into the body.

By implementing certain internal presses through mind and breath, we are brought fully into the Now, enabling us to feel our internal processes and still the mind.

3. Joint Manipulation

From the foundation of movement to the dance of function, our ancestors found ways to strengthen and detox every bodily system (nervous, respiratory etc), all of which done with a conscious awareness throughout the body.

Our empowerment comes from an awareness of the different “levels” of self. To truly feel good in the skin you’re in and direct thoughts towards the path of your evolution, one must be aware.

Movement is an essential key to unlocking mental, physical, and emotional development. Tension in the body lessens fluidity in expression, and disrupts the life force in the individual.

The body is meant to be fluid, flowing, graceful, in complete oneness.

Free form movement in the body: stretching, spinning, spiraling, turning, coiling, sinking, twisting, and circling in your movements is what they call in TSOLA, “8 dragons.”

There are levels to these movements, but beginning the act of applying this to your daily workout or rejuvenation period will bring forth tremendous change in the shemale :)

4. Flexing

Sister friends! Last but not least we have the final pillar to transmuting the inner lead into gold!


“Flexing, remarkably, has been used since the dawn of humanity for the acquisition of power and knowledge.

The Khoisan people of Southern Africa are the oldest known living group of human beings on the planet and they are also the first people we know of to have used whole body flexing to reach higher states of consciousness (trance dancing: circle walking/flexing).

Flexing is even used by stars for the creation of the atomic elements necessary for life. How is it that a star utilizes flexing?

When a star flexes this is known as nuclear fusion (pressing together of elements) and this is what allows elements such as carbon and oxygen to be created.

The “flexing” is what allows the star to create enough heat and light to shine for billions of years." - insert for article” - By Body Energetics

By now I'm sure you realize these concepts can be used by women as well as men.

In honor of Women's Month I encourage you to practice some of the ancient ways to heal and empower yourself!


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