In My Dark Room

Tucked in a tiny closet, I feel like I'm asleep with my eyes open.

Breathing deep breaths , my hand floats invisibly in front of my face.

Being in Blackness.

It's pretty soothing to rest my eyes from the routine visuals of people , places, and things of the external world.

Yet, once that is shut off, the other film roles. I find myself watching a sea of thoughts flow in and out of my awareness. My voice in my mind doesn't seem like mine at all, but rather an extension of myself.

In the darkness, that is.

Imagination is my best tool of relaxation in this tiny closet training.

Dark room exercises were introduced to me during an emotional breakdown in the Lower Eastside of Manhattan. Crying my eyes out in my uncles apartment over the most crucial thoughts about myself. Self love deprivation in full effect. My breaths were short, and I was caught in an ebb and flow of rage and sadness over possibilities that have not yet manifested.

Thoughts followed by feelings, a gift and curse to all mankind. I was totally untapped from reality until my uncle interrupted my personalized terror trip. He told me to go in the bathroom, turn the lights off for 30 minutes and breathe.

Still pretty new to the internal arts lifestyle , I began to breathe in the darkness.

All sorts of images and threatening forms appeared before my eyes and I swung the door open five minutes later. Panting like I woke up from a nightmare, I hear my uncle's laugh from down the hallway.

"Seeing ghosts? It's only you in there."

Snarky comment, but valid.

He reminded me not to forget the training.

"Stay out of the monkey mind and go primordial."

The monkey mind (frontal lobe/reactive mind) is where the majority of us spend most of our mental time. It bombards us with our repeated thought patterns and beliefs that are beneficial and harmful to us.

The Primordial mind is a part of our brain that is timeless, formless, and infinite in its nature. When I bring my awareness there, the subvocalization is silenced. As if playing a game of hide and seek - it can not find me.

So here I was entering the darkness again. With a mission of internal training.

I sat on the cold toilet stool and kept my awareness in primordial, just behind the bahui point.

My posture straightened, I felt lighter in my frame, and my emotions settled in the silence.

It was only myself and the breath in the darkness.

Done on a consistent basis many can reap the therapeutic benefits of the dark room.

When without a trace of light, the pineal increases a release of melatonin in the body. Not only allowing us to sleep better, but having a powerful antioxidant status in comparison to vitamins.

5 times more powerful than vitamin C and twice as powerful as Vitamin E. This melatonin release only takes place at night or in Darkness.

So never mind, RL Stine. It's in your best interest to make yourself more acquainted with the Dark.

Try setting up time in your day for 10 minutes in a dark place taking deep breaths.

After a week or so, feel free to share your experience with me here on the blog. :)


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