Use the Breath for your Stress

I typically notice how stressed I am when I begin experiencing the following signs:

-Psoriasis breakouts in my eyebrows and hairline

-excessive shaking of my legs when I’m trying to sit still or fall asleep

-tension in my neck



-and last but not least, SHORTNESS IN MY BREATH.

Extreme discomfort in my body leads to extreme discomfort in all aspects of my everyday life.

Verbal and edible methods just don't seem to suffice.

When I attempt to use positive affirmations in a stressed state, I end up cursing or building negative momentum in the wrong direction.

Eating a tasty meal helps for about an hour or two, but not enough to alleviate all of the above symptoms.

It took time to fully understand that tension in the body brings about tension in the mind and vice versa. So with continuous trial and error in the pursuit of internal happiness, I have constructed a regimen from what I've been taught, that works every time.

Breath work :

Whether through yoga, sitting or standing in stillness, the breath alleviates all signs of stress[for me].

Mostly because internal problems have a direct link to oxygen deprivation in the brain/ body.

My regimen:

800 conscious breaths (deep inhale/exhale = 1 conscious breath)

Scanning my body with my mind, while breathing deep, and gently telling my body to let go wherever I feel tense.

Sitting in Darkness breathing abdominal breaths.

Raja and Hatha Yoga, breathing into my stretches.

My Taichi form, slowly breathing with each of the movements.

Smiling as I breathe.

8 Breaths ( Qigong techniques to power up my energy)

Never have these methods failed me. They keep my doctor’s bill low, my relationships strong, and my inner peace firm.

It takes constant training to remind yourself that outside factors do not have total control over us. We’d like to blame our family, friends, and enemies but at the end of the day you have the choice in how you respond to all things.

Stay stressed? or Feel Blessed?

Let us know what you decide :)

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