The Training and I

Today sifu taught me the subtle adjustments of power.

Each adjustment made the breath deeper, and my awareness keen.

The energy seemed to amplify level after level.

We sat on the park benches next to the river, seeing everything at once.

He believes in me.

Teaching me, rather , reminding me how to believe in myself one breath at a time.

Class is church for me. Each breath becomes a prayer .

The deeper I smile inside, the more the Creator reveals to me. As I cocreate with all.

My frame of mind is molding into a new form of dedication day by day.

Hard wiring the information to my nervous system as I witness my body respond to every mental command.

I chuckle to myself as my mind momentarily strays away from practice.

Recalling my cousin say , "my words sound hippie like".

I look at "the work" like cracking the Da Vinci code.

If only she knew how deep touching a tree is.

Or using the imagination to become more sensitive to the world around and within you.

Some day perhaps.


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