Changing the Frequency of Any Situation

The internal training gives the most peculiar revelations.

I wrote this from an awareness in my primordial mind. (mostly)

My breaths are becoming deeper and deeper.

So much so, that my subtle body lightly pulses across my skin with every inhale.

I'm charged.

And I love that feeling.

The feeling of not having to stuff oxygen into my lungs or abdomen to breathe deeply, but to have my entire body filling up.

My meridians have less blockages due to the work I've been putting in.

When I rise , I flex.

100 in a new posture to be exact.

I use to knock out 400 plus a day with a wild counting pattern I used to trick my brain into thinking I was doing less.

That brought reality into perspective. But 100 does just the same.

Today's topic was about emptying my cup.

Though it felt more like a feeding session.

I spent more than an hour on the phone with someone who only let me fit in 7 minutes of my own views.

My energy shifted when we hung up. But there was no way I was going to allow my frequency to not rise. Thus, I began to flex.

With each exhale I felt my breath on the inhale flow in a bit deeper, my muscles relax , and my mind still.

Thoughts of being drained no longer existed. It was only right Now.

I suppose lower vibratory counterparts can seek out who has more vitality.

Through their physiology of course, definitely not with their conscious mind.

Their aura goes into survival mode and scopes out its "victim" .


Just a thought , because right now, I feel great.

Changing the frequency of any situation, starts with you.


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