Understanding the Flow

Taoist Self Care:

During this transitional season of late summer into Autumn, I will begin practicing TCM methodologies of alignment with detoxes, smoothies, color therapy, qigong, tai chi, and visualization to put myself in the flow of my harvest.

Being a micro within the macrocosm, I gravitate to the theories of the elements to bring additional yet not absolute order into one's life.

The focus of Creation in Traditional Chinese Medicine directly aligns to proven discoveries in modern physics, all matter from atom to stars and all in between are comprised of energy.

In which, the Chinese Taoist believe the key to function is alignment, and all that is manifest is regulated by five elemental energies of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.

Their belief, is that a myriad of natural forces produce our entire existence in which one may be in the flow or out of the flow with these same forces.

The Ancient Chinese attempted understanding the cosmos by observing the phenomena of production, development, and change within it. The result of this observance was, everything in the universe has an interaction of yin- qi and yang- qi.

This interaction of "normal" and "abnormal states" can be displayed within the fundamental elements discussed earlier.

The Normal Interactions:

Mutual Nourishment ( inter promoting)

Mutual Restraint ( interacting)

Abnormal Interactions:

Mutual Over Restraint (encroachment)

Reverse Restraining (violating)

Mutual Burdening

Mutual Nourishment is when all the elements are in harmony, giving and receiving nourishment to each other, while Mutual Restraint is a cyclic neutralization of the elements that keep them in balance. The abnormal interactions are their opposites.

Within these five elements there are shown the classifications of the human body.

See chart below:

Yin Yang in Short

In short, this commonly used symbol represents the cyclic roles of the cosmos. The circle symbolizing the universe as a whole, the curvature within the circle representing opposing and also the interdependent nature of Yin (black side) and Yang (white side) energy. The black and white sides showing decreasing and increasing yin - yang energy, while the dots of the opposing sides within each defining the lack of absoluteness. All representing the transformational nature off all things.

Transitioning into the new season, I want to adjust myself further into this natural flow, and my own interpersonal flow of life. Being a conscious creator takes great responsibility. I look forward to sharing my results in further posts and a little more detail on how I plan on going about this.

How will you be transitioning this fall ? :)

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