The First Powerful Rule of Self Care

I'd like to share my admiration and congratulations to all the women who are making necessary changes in their lives!

You are so much more than you can imagine yourself to be, and taking yourself into account to grow daily is the most important decision one can make in their life.

We change when we decide to speak gentle words of encouragement to ourself, and visualize bright futures with written steps of action towards our dreams.

Our bodies thank us with toned curves and spurts of energy after our due diligence to physical workout routines.

You are wonderful, beautiful even, but let's dive a little deeper.

Self care with affirmations, positive thinking, and exercise are incomplete without a conscious cleaning from the inside out.

After a cool shower or a hot bath, our skin is fresh and anew from the toxins and oils accumulated from yesterday.

But what about what's underneath?

How are we cleaning and restoring our insides?

Throughout the day we are bombarded with toxins in the air and food that are difficult for our bodies to eliminate, forcing junk to be stored in our vital organs and glands.

The natural detox system we were blessed to be born with is working 24/7 to keep us functioning at an optimal level. ( That's love)

But if we indulge processed foods with toxic chemicals we are slowing down our natural elimination healing process, and gradually being disconnected from a higher version of ourselves.

So how can we truly know ourself in a body that is operating in a highly toxic state?

We can certainly start by reinventing how we look at Self Love.

10th Grade Bio Recap of What Your Organs do daily :)

Detoxing the body is the beginning of Self Care in house cleaning.

You can choose a particular organ to begin with, or do a full body cleanse!

But lets break down an understanding of your first, second, and third line of defense against toxins!

1. The liver- acts as a filter to protect toxins from your food from entering your blood stream

2. The Colon- our major internal sewage system has bacteria that produces healthy and unhealthy chemicals. A healthy colon can flush toxic waste, where an unhealthy colon will not only store these toxicities but harness disease.

3. The kidneys - filters toxins from our blood, turning it into filtered water aka urine

If you have never consciously assisted your organs in detoxing, and are currently on an

"eat whatever's available diet" or simply looking to start a healthier lifestyle, we've structured a list of cleansing methods just for you !

Le List:

Apple Cider Vinegar! ACV with the mother, is apple cider fermented twice, the mother ( misty solution at the bottom of the bottle) contains enzymes that help alkalinize the body and bring it out of an acidic state.

Moringa! Extremely High in Nutrients , is used as a nutritional supplement or tonic to energize WHILE detoxing the body.

Water! Consistently drinking water is another natural way to flush the body of toxicities. Added with fruits such as lemons and key limes make it an increased detoxifier recipe !

Smoothies and Juices! Smoothies and Juices high in fiber and anti oxidants can be combined in different ways to detox different systems within the body!

Breath Work! 70% of detoxing happens through your breathing! It is the number one detoxifier for all of your systems physical and energetic! Arts such as Qigong, Tai Chi, and Yoga are a great way to cleanse your entire system!

Loving oneself from the inside out is built upon knowing thyself, and how we function on a physical, mental, and emotional level.

You're already on the right path towards becoming a better you, allow your body to rest by giving it a fresh start and fueling it with the proper properties after your cleanse!

Know someone growing in the same direction?

Share this article with them as encouragement on their journey, and let us know which detox you decided to renew with!

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