How Volcanic Sulphur Can Actually Reverse Aging

As an alternative health enthusiast, I'm always looking for natural methods to include into my lifestyle and share with others.

While commuting to Manhattan everyday for the past few months I was able to mingle with people from all over the world, and sort of take on remedies for beauty, love, fitness, and diet from a perspective I never would have considered.

Personally, I've gravitated towards the healing and self care ideals of friends who grew up in natural environments ( near the ocean, farms, rain forests, countryside of the islands).

A recent suggestion for cleansing has taken the cake of cleanses to a whole new therapeutic level for me!

Spring Cleansing! literally.

The end of October was nothing less of an adventure!

I packed my bags and hopped on a flight to the island of St. Lucia where I stayed at a quaint yellow and white painted villa in Castries.

Outside my door grew soursop trees, banana trees, star fruit trees, mango trees, palm trees, and the ocean.

Living a natural lifestyle in the Northern part of NJ seemed so elusive in a sense when entering this tropical dream world.

My biology seemed to have a cellular praise dance going with every foot step taken upon the island.

But first, before I share my experience, I'd like to rewind the story just a bit.

During the spring time of this year a health enthusiast and inspiration to my natural internal lifestyle, Dr. Sebi, passed away.

This man facilitated healing to hundreds of people, if not more.

He always spoke about the natural thriving of people who lived in areas of the earth that was meant for their biology.

His teachings roughly covered that melenated people need certain type of environments with electric foods, sunlight, trees, and natural mineral alkaline water to rid themselves of all diseases.

That illness was only an accumulation of mucus in the body.

The most popular of his protests were the mineral and sulphur springs found in Honduras and other locations all over the planet.

That the high alkalinity of these springs have a very close PH level to our skin and can reverse aging , balance the body, and heal sickness in anyone.

This wasn't a scholarly educated man, but a worldly wise seer who peaked my interests into interacting with those who grew up in these type of environments, and going to experience them myself.

Half a year later, I'm taking my first dip into a body of water nestled at the bottom of a dormant volcano in St. Lucia.

Thankfully, it was only 7am and the "pool" was warm.

I could feel the subtle thrusts of my beating heart beneath the smoggy grey liquid.

Breathing became difficult when I realized I wasn't inhaling abdominally.

Even then, my body was reacting to the piercing sun rays and early stages of boiling water before noon.

Exiting, I was drained and tired as hell.

Yet, my skin was silky smooth and I moved from feeling drained to complete relaxation very quickly.

Two hours down the mountain, back to the villa for another 2 hours nap, I woke up REFRESHED!

My laptop was two feet away from me, and I immediately jumped into research mode to look up the benefits the sulphur had on my body.

This is what I further discovered:

Sulphur promotes communication between nerve cells.

Sulphur is most concentrated in keratin, which gives you strong hair - skin - and nails.

Sulphur minimizes symptoms of psoraiasis

Sulphur helps protect your body against the environment

Within the sulphur is:

Boron - Boron builds muscle mass, increases brain activity and strengthens bones. Calcium (CA++) Calcium strengthens bones to prevent osteoporosis and helps to regulate bodily functions. It is essential to the function of many internal organs such as the heart.

Chloride (CI) Chloride is a chemical the human body needs for metabolism (the process of turning food into energy).[8] It also helps keep the body's acid-base balance. The amount of chloride in the blood is carefully controlled by the kidneys. Iron (Fe) Iron builds up the quality of your blood, prevents stress and fatigue and improves skin tone. It also builds resistance to disease and aids in muscle function. Magnesium (Mg++) Magnesium maintains normal heart rhythms, assists in reducing high blood pressure and aids in eliminating body toxins. It also converts blood sugar to energy and promotes healthy skin. Potassium (K+) This element assists in the normalization of heart rhythms, reduces high blood pressure, helps to eliminate body toxins and promotes healthy skin. Sodium (NA+) Natural salts assist with the alleviation of arthritic symptoms, stimulate the body's lymphatic system and also help to maintain body fluid balance.

When it comes to alternative methods for healing and self care, there are infinite remedies that mother earth provides for us ! <3

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