How To Commit to Spiritual Training

Throughout the beginning of the autumn slowly approaching winter my spiritual practice has swayed in methods due to work, projects, travel etc.

No matter the amount of time put into training, I remain committed daily as apart of balancing my internal lifestyle.

That commitment has weighed unfailing to the revelations of wisdom that pours into me throughout the day, by simply remaining “connected”.

For me, this is a never ending journey that only constant nourishing can bloom eternally fruitful.

What is Spiritual Training?

  • Short answer: keeping balance in your life knowing you are more than just a physical being.

All throughout the fall I’ve been practicing control of my evolutionary process.

A few of my posts share other methods I use to do so:

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Something you may notice with all these posts - they share simple natural methods you can do anywhere , at any time.

If you think about it, it does make sense to have a spiritual practice that doesn’t require a period of time, but a freedom to tap in at any moment.

So what I’m saying is, it’s easy to commit to a practice that you can maintain throughout your day.

I do believe spiritual training like any egoic skill needs consistent cultivation, nourishment, and refinement.

Here is How To Commit to Spiritual Training.

Simple dissociation exercises:

  • witnessing your breath,

  • listening to your heart beat

  • mentally feeling every part of your body

All of the above are powerful meditative methods to keep you balanced in an awareness within yourself.

Being within yourself anchors you to understand non physical aspects of your being, going between both conscious and subconscious mindfulness.

Overall, these are the most simple yet powerful ways to bring you on the path to mental, physical, and spiritual balance.

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