Almost 2 Weeks After Mercury Retrograde

Happy New Year's Eve! (allegedly)

Every couple of month's our fastest planet in the solar system decides to slow down and come a little bit closer into Earth's orbit. This not so subtle shift brings the appearance of Mercury to be moving backwards in our sky. Like a change in mood, or a rearrangement in your home, all change brings a new type of energy.

If we want to consider the shifting of speed and alignment of planets nearby, imagine the type of energy change that will impress upon our planet and all life dwelling within and upon it.

Astrology is the study of the relationship between electro magnetic fields around planets, stars, solar systems, and galaxies.

For those of you who do not know, you too are an electro magnetic being that is consistently stimulated by everything in your internal and external environment.

Furthermore, our planet of Communication/Mercury shifts its alignment in our orbit 3-4 times a year where we identify it going into Retrograde, and all forms of throat chakra activities and technological communication are thrown completely off.

This 4th and final Mercury Retrograde (slows down) for 2016 happens to be in Capricorn going Direct (back to normal orbital course) into Saggitaruis the 8th of January 2017.

For me, this Retrograde fell into my astrological sign and has brought me into a new state of reflection upon the arrival of its early shadow phase in the beginning of December.

How I prepared for the Retrograde

During the pre shadow phase ( 1-2 weeks before the planet goes retrograde) , I noticed a change in my way of expressing verbally. My body went into an extreme listening mode as if I were in a silent retreat.

The moments I did speak, I felt very angry and irritable, which for me these days is very rare.

But I soon understood why.

Suppressed emotions were resurfaced and urged me to be extremely gentle with myself mentally- emotionally- physically.

Those two preporatory weeks, I kept myself aware of an area near my navel, which in Qigong we consider to be our pre natal center point.

Centering myself through the purging of internal storms of thought and feeling kept me calm.

This Retrograde has brought me new release in shadow aspects of myself to gain balance.

I am light and dark, yin and yang, good and evil - in the sense that both are the one teacher of lessons I must experience. So I feel..

What I've gained from the Retrograde thus far


Individuals closest to me didn't seem like their usual selves either. Some rigid in their thinking, some fussy, some more verbally expressive.

I took the tides and rode them, anchored in patience and understanding.

Whether it was the Retrograde that stimulated the events or the masses co creating unusual experiences through expectation of things to turmoil :

Taking time to reflect on yourself and on your journey is beautiful.

Taking from it, strength and understanding is powerful.

Be well <3


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