How To Go Natural, Truly.

I took a pretty big leap of faith five years ago.

After 19 years of chemical relaxers I decided to go "Natural".

Joining a community of women who have given up applying perm products that distort their hair texture was liberating!

It was a pretty big deal for me, having grown up in a hair salon owned by my grand parents, I was given chemical hair treatments since my innocence of three years old.

All I knew was that every 6-8 weeks I needed to straighten my hair, fearing the kinky curls that the Creator blessed me with.

Subconsciously and consistently self loathing, and hating all that made me who I was.

I remember saying over and over at the sight of clashing textures of new hair growth,

"ew! it's time for a perm!" aka, it's time for me to transform into a false ideal of beauty.

That false idea being something that I wasn't.

That concept of lacking acceptance trickled into other aspects of my life with the relationships I built, the places I went, the lack of self control, and expressing aspects of my external environment I accepted as my own beliefs.

What society proposed I'd do is withhold sharing my uniqueness!

When I began embarking on my meditative journey it opened me up to myself.

My instincts reassured me to not be afraid of sharing my uniqueness.

But who or what was I? What did I have to share?

Firstly, I needed to reflect on the habits in my life that were un natural to me:


-suppressed opinions

-daily low vibratory emotions

-eating toxic foods

-self doubt

All of which to this day I reprogram/replace with:

- being kind to myself for past mistakes

Praise growth on your journey! Learning and understanding are the gifts of trial and error.

you are perfectly imperfect, and the slight realization of patience with your path will snow ball into fruitful new habits, thoughts, and emotions. Repeated unbeneficial habits are reminders of an area of yourself that simply needs more attention and revamping. Gently ease out of old paradigms with baby steps. Talk to your self, everything is always okay when you shut off judgement. Use all of your focused might to feel your breath, heart beat, and body when experiencing self doubt. These simple tactics of embracing the [Now], help fight against stress!

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- committing to what feels right to me

Your internal road map always wants what is best for you! It is constantly sending signals of the best route towards your well being. Flowing with your intuition alongside a specific intent will tract results that seem effortless, because it is. Your first hunch, is your best hunch.

- loving my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual being

There are many aspects of you and I, both tangible and intangible -all felt and experienced in a myriad of ways. To love all that encompasses you is the greatest freedom from fear and guilt for being unapologetically, (insert your name here). Negativity must gradually be banished from the concept you hold of yourself. It will take some time for some, and less for others. Both manifestations of remodeling your ideal of Self are perfect. Take your time, it is not a race. Speak highly of yourself, smile at your body, equate what you think is beautiful to what you already possess.

- tapping back into my uniqueness through acceptance

Positive viewing of all that surfaces in your expression can reveal what was unknown territory in the Self, to yourself. Mantras become a reality, relationships grow more depth, comparison of your journey to others will cease, why?

Because there is no one like you!

You are incredible in your light and your dark, naturally.

Be well.

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