5 Breathing Styles For Vibrational Management

Some things in life can not be taught with words, but rather felt.

How is that so?

How do you feel the rhythm of a person's character or the melody of their intention?

Certainly God, Buddha, Mary, and Joseph have the answer.

Yet, lo and behold they aren't the only ones with the jewels of understanding for these super powers.

Science and mainstream self proclaimed hipsters call it a vibe, or vibration.

Vibration: a person's emotional state (energy in motion), the atmosphere of a place, or the association of an object, as communicated to and felt by others.

The vibes you feel from others and the vibe that you project, all balls down to how you function.

Again, I've mentioned in many of my articles that we are electro magnetic beings ( I probably will continue to reaffirm this until it sticks with people). Electro magnetism is a force, Chi/ Prana is defined as a force, these forces are concluded as energy. Now that we got this out of the way, let the force be with you.

& Good Night.

The state in which these forces flow in and around you is the determining factor of how you function as a human being, your vibe.

Three of many keys I have learned studying and practicing Taoist Qigong is that:

  • The power of movement is function.

  • The fuel of function is the breath.

  • Breath must be done abdominally.

With the breath, you can manage your vibe so that you feel good and happy without depending on any external forces from others.

That's right, no vamping.

We can generate our own energy by breathing.

Below I have listed 5 Different breathing styles to Manage your Vibe:

(Styles are from Secrets For Health, Longevity, & Enlightenment by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming

1. Natural Breathing

Before advancing into advanced style breathing, make yourself conscious of yourself. Learn how your natural breathing is effected by your thoughts and emotions. Determine whether your inhale is longer or shorter than your exhale, and vice versa. At this stage you do not need to change your breathing style, but simply become aware. Over time, rid your mind of any emotional thoughts, then you can smooth your breathing to a more relaxed state.

2. Chest Breathing

If you are not an external martial artist you have no reason for chest breathing.

Still, there are advantages to doing chest breathing from time to time.

Your lungs behave like a rubber band, the more you stretch them the larger they will become.

Keep your mind in your chest muscles, your abdomen moves ups and down slightlyFirst, you will enliven the cells in the parts of the lungs which are not commonly used, and keep them from degenerating.Heavy chest breathing increases the supply of air Qi so that you can send a lot of Qi to the skin. This helps to open tiny Qi channels in the skin.

3. Normal Abdominal Breathing

This is the next step after chest breathing, a deep breathing exercise that involves slow deep breaths requiring your mind to be relaxed and concentrated. Also known as "Back To Childhood" breathing because it is deep soft and natural like a child. In abdominal breathing the lungs are expanded and contracted but the muscles of the diaphragm and the abdomen, rather than the chest muscles. There benefits are internal organ massages, invigorating the abdominal muscles, and increased efficiency of q flow in the kidneys.

4. Reverse Abdominal Breathing

This method requires when you inhale, you draw the abdomen in and hold up your anus. When you exhale, gently push out you abdomen and anus. When you exhale you are expanding your aura, when you inhale you are absorbvingthe surrounding Qi/Energy into your body.

5. Holding the Breath

As taught by Sifu Gainey of the Taoist System of Living Arts, you want to inhale and then pause. Don't collapse your throat or tighten muscles when holding the breath. Inhale slowly, deeply, and pause for about 20 seconds (increasing over time) while pushing the abdomen from the navel out. Slowly pull the navel/abdomen in on the exhale. This will energize the body very quickly.

After practicing these techniques for quite some time, get back to us on how you feel! We'd love to know what vibe you're on since doing so!


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