How To Live Naturally in An Unnatural Environment

If you were raised in an urban or even a suburban area, and find yourself feeling out of alignment in your emotions, thoughts, and physical up keep; then it's time to take a step back and do the following:





Your natural existence is dependent upon the balancing and fluid functioning of mind , body, and spirit. Naturally, you are a synchronized unit of the three making you whole/holistic; and when the unit becomes unsynced you are out of balance with your own nature/true self. When you're out of balance with yourself, you're out of balance with the flow of all things. 

Thus, living unnaturally.

To live naturally is to be in the flow of life within and around you.

Several Signs That You are Out of Tune With Yourself/Nature:

Your breathing is short

Close minded in your thinking

Emotionally Unstable or Emotionally Numb

Lack of Nutrients

Happiness level is low or dependent upon outside sources

Minimal patience for yourself and others

Negative Self Talk

Over or Under weight


Always Rushing

and the list goes on.

Living a natural, healthy lifestyle is finding a balance in all that you do to exist peacefully day to day.

Stress free, peacefulness, and ease are the subtle realities that lead to the truth in all things.

What does that mean?

The thoughts you think, the people you're around, the food you eat, music you listen to, and media you indulge in all play as vital factors to your state of feeling that you exist in.

If you are focusing on junk , you won't be able to live out your truth. Focus on natural forces, and you become true.

The state of feeling projects the reality within and around you.

Seeking to live a natural healthy life?

Consume yourself in all things of nature by getting "nature conscious".

Redecorate your fridge with natural colors of produce from your local farmers market or garden!

Prepare your week with Vegan Recipes from Holistic Health/Vegan enthusiasts. 

Visit their social platforms (@internallifestyle) and jot down what meals they're posting to try for yourself! (Nature consciousness)

Give your brain some rest!

Take mini mental vacations from your thoughts, subvocalized conversations in your mind, and self induced mental imagery.

Take a break from it all!

Rather, immerse yourself outside in fresh air, sun, rain, grassy hills, floral gardens, or your own backyard and feel. Rest from thought and play with your senses.

What do you smell?

What does the wind or temperature feel like?

What do you hear?

What do you see?

Avoid contemplating on your experience. Let yourself naturally witness your environment through feeling.

Animals can sense a storm brewing, trouble lurking, even YOU in their vicinity. It's the witnessing of all around them through feeling.

(Nature consciousness)

What are you currently doing to feel your way back in to your flow? We'd love to learn your natural ways!

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