Mental Diets & Powerful Speech

Mental Diets and Powerful Speech have been the blueprint of my recent lifestyle design.

It's certainly an inside job to bring forth a new and improved version of yourself, your environment, your company, and your peace. Yes, it's all about YOU making internal self awareness a priority.

Lately, my morning routines have been setting the tone of my entire day. Which sounds normal right? For most, maybe, but not for me.

One month ago I couldn't really pinpoint a consistent ritual to start off my days outside of washing, posting on social media, and eating. I was an easy breezy go with the flow type of girl. So my life became an easy breezy flow of random shit type of reality.

A bulk of which I enjoyed, and a good amount of which I wanted to change. There wasn't enough consistency in the areas I most desired to alter. A most frequent phrase was "I feel all over the place." Yes, diet was clean, intentions were good, but my days weren't clear.

The pros were life had been perfectly designed by me to have as much freedom as I chose to create. I like, matter of fact, I LOVE it that way. It's the one thing I do not wish to change. Yet, all of that freedom can lead into a lot of scattered tendencies.

So I started with committing to one thing outside of my usual everyday. Yoga. For a minimum of ten minutes but usually 45 minutes I got it in. Like a muscle overtime that became hard wired to me, so I decided to add something extra.


A tiny brown book I've had for many years sat not even a quarter of the way filled on my desk. Bare pages patiently waiting for me to pour into them. It took quite a bit of time to self reflect on the person in the mirror, and who she wanted to transform into before I let my pen have its way. Many of the listed attributes were easy to intellectually grasp but complicated to physically or emotionally feel . Especially on a day to day basis. Yet I knew it wasn't impossible, I had done this before.

At the waking hour of 5am, before my eyelids could peel back, one affirmation would pop into my head. Reciting it over and over seemed to give me energy to grab the tiny brown book from the window and read the rest from the page.

Day after day, this ritual was on repeat until the entire list was memorized. Then I could simply say them in my head before I started my day.

It was nice, I felt powered up. Those affirmations became apart of my internal dialogue before I would engage people, a task, a drive, a picture, almost every part of my day had an affirmation apart of it. As I recalled them I felt like my efforts were matched with great reward of progress. The changes began to unfold, proving I was who I so frequently said I wanted to be. A secret game of evolution with myself.

Internal speech of haphazard thoughts morphed into intentional power.

The energy behind organized speech to myself and others carried over into my daily activities.

Vegan recipes, financial education videos, self help audiobooks, natural healing therapy books, daily yoga, exercising, uplifting conversations, nature walks, additional vegan meal prep clients, shadow work, and an abundance of reprogramming took my world by storm. All the things that I did here and there became apart of a consistent mental diet. The woman I wanted to be would be in tune with this information on a daily basis. She would have several systems, alongside her morning routine, that would consist of all of these things. I became her. I am her.

The amount of learning and self awareness that comes with this lifestyle makes the journey a lot more interesting than the destination. Controlling the narrative of my wellbeing is a process I look forward to sharing and showing the "how to" with you all.


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